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I'm about 5 years-old and in my former life before CWVRG rescued me, I lived a rather dull existance in a kennel as a stud dog. Hardly anyone ever played with me, which made me very sad. Don't you all worry though, since being rescued, I have blossomed into a very happy, loving, affectionate, lapdog and much prefer lounging on the couch to zooming around the house and tearing up the place. click here and check me out!


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Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue, saves the lives of dozens of Vizsla and Vizsla mixes every year. Since we don't shy away from sick and injured Vizslas, we often have huge vet bills and or foster home expenses. We need your help! We are totally donation based and 100% of the donations are spent on the dogs (food, collars, leashes, gas for transports, etc). Remember that we are a 501(c)3 so most or all of your donation is tax deductible.

  • Kurt and Janet Malerich

    "Colorado Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group (CWVRG) is doing some spectacular work with the rescue of the special breed of dogs, the unique and amazing Vizsla. All dog breeds and animals are wonderful but the Vizsla, as all of us Vizsla lovers know, is quite exceptional and matchless in both temperament and needs compared to other breeds.

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    "Thank you for your above and beyond dedication to ensure the Vizslas you take under your charge are given the best possible chance at a new, loving and appropriate home. In addition, we would like to give an extra shout-out of personal appreciation to Teila, Jerry, Laura, Becky, and our dog's foster Mom (along with all those who support them in their efforts – family, friends, volunteers, etc…). They played an important role in the acceptance, transition and adoption of our dog through CWVRG and we will forever be grateful..

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