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"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."
~Gilda Radner

If you are serious about considering a very special rescue Vizsla, we ask that you complete an adoption application.

Adoption Application

The minimum adoption donation requested for Vizslas placed is:

Dogs 8 wks - up to 18 months:  $375.00
Vizslas over 18 months up to 10 years: $325.00.
Ten years and older: $225.00.

If you feel it in your heart to donate additional amounts, we gladly accept whatever you can give. These additional funds help us to cover the costs of gas and extraordinary medical bills. Please keep in mind that we do not always know the origins of our rescue Vizslas. Some come from shelters with no background information, some come from puppy mills, and others come to us after their owners have passed on. We make every attempt to find out about the dogs, and spend a great deal of time evaluating all our dogs before they are approved to be put up for adoption. While information on many of our dogs may be sketchy, we never adopt an animal out without making sure you know as much as possible about him/her so you can make an informed decision.

We require all Vizslas that we place, be neutered or spayed before they go to their furever home.

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Sweet Ava

Hello Everyone! My name is Ava and I'm six-years-old. My mother was a Vizsla but my father was an opportunist from a good neighborhood. Mom never told me who he was. I am a very sweet girl, although I tend to be very fearful and have some pretty extreme trust issues. CWVRG considers me a "special needs" girl. I came from a really sweet, wonderful family who did not do anything to cause my fear and trust issues, so please don't blame them! They loved me so much but just couldn't take care of me once a new human baby arrived.

Notes from Ava's foster Mom:

We think she's a Vizsla Greyhound mix. She has the most beautiful brown coat and she runs so very fast it's amazing. She loves to run and jump. She can jump about seven feet straight up from standing. Most incredible straight up jump I have ever seen. Ava is on an anti-anxiety medication. Ava's ideal family will be extremely patient and not have kids as her family will need to be somewhat dog savvy and be able to read her body language. She tells you through her body language how she is feeling. She needs a quiet family that does not require a lap dog or an affectionate dog, at least for quite some time. Ava will take quite awhile to be able to trust her new family, but it does come in time. Once she trusts you, Ava seeks attention on her terms and loves to be scratched under the chin or on the back of her neck.

She came from a home with a dog and may be able to go to a home with dogs, but she has not been put with our dogs as she is pretty excitable with them and it makes them nervous. She has not been tested with our cats and I would not put her in a home that has small animals. She loves to try to go after mice in our yard and to dig up moles. Ava is housebroken and can be left alone for short periods outside of a crate without getting into anything. Ava can jump a 6 foot fence like it is not there so she will need to be watched closely in the yard. Ava's recall is selective so it may be safer to keep her on a 20 or 30 foot lead so you can get her back when you need to.



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Keep Checking Back

We have dogs coming in all the time. Not all of them make it here to our website, as many are adopted as soon as they are vetted and evaluated. If you are interested in adopting, be sure to fill out our application here.


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