Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, you can no longer keep your Vizsla. Do not despair, we are here to help. We heartily believe that Vizslas able to start over again; and because of this, CWVRG has helped countless dogs successfully find new forever homes. As a non-profit group with a large network of volunteers, both local and nationwide, we are committed to helping our favorite red dogs in need.

Our Mission

Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group, Inc. started in the late 1990s and is now a 501c3 non-profit corporation officially formed in 2007. We are licensed by the state of Colorado.

Our mission is to protect the Vizsla who has been abandoned, abused, or for other reasons that they can no longer stay in their current home or situation.

We offer additional support to humane shelters or animal rescue organizations that handle stray or surrendered Vizslas in need of care due to natural disasters or other emergencies.

Vizslas in Other States?

Our organization covers Colorado, Wyoming, western Kansas, western Nebraska, and New Mexico. If you know of a Vizsla in need out of our area, you may contact us and we will try to find someone in that area to help.

CWVRG will also contact area shelters if they are housing a Vizsla. If you are able to confirm that a Vizsla is in a shelter, please contact us with information as soon as possible. If you are unsure about the dogs breed, please refer to our Identify a Vizsla page.

Teila Gilchrist
(785) 221-9529

Becky Clippinger
(719) 352-9842


To CWVRG: Thank you for your above and beyond dedication to ensure the Vizslas you take under your charge are given the best possible chance at a new, loving and appropriate home. In addition, we would like to give an extra shout-out of personal appreciation to Teila, Jerry, Laura, Becky, and our dog's foster Mom (along with all those who support them in their efforts – family, friends, volunteers, etc…). They played an important role in the acceptance, transition and adoption of our dog through CWVRG and we will forever be grateful.

To those who have adopted dogs, volunteered and/or donated funds to CWVRG: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time, money and effort to do this. You have made it possible for CWVRG to continue saving and re-homing these beautiful, smart and affectionate dogs. And we will now be joining you in regularly donating to CWVRG because we have witnessed firsthand the value and integrity of this Group. They truly care about Vizslas.

To everyone else: I would like to share that CWVRG is an exceptional Rescue Group in our eyes. From our experience with them, we found them to be thorough, caring, committed, trustworthy, professional, and passionate about what they do. They have a network of amazing volunteers including fosters who step in to enable the best match and transition experience for the dogs and the new owners.

We never planned on having to give up our beloved Vizsla but circumstances gave us no choice. At least, we had the privilege of raising our dog for his first 2 ½ years. We loved him, trained him, played with him, explored with him, cuddled with him and even had the fun of taking a 5-day Road trip that included hotels (where the dog ended up being the best behaved of all of us, kids and parents included). Our dog played well with other people, played well with other dogs, and had a strong bond with us (never running out of our sight for more than 30 seconds when off leash outdoors).

Despite our dog's great qualities, he still had some additional training needs and precautions that we did not feel right in chancing a hand-off to someone who would not have an understanding of Vizslas in general, our dog's history (good and bad), or the need for the additional specific training/oversight. We felt as the original owner/companion of our dog, it was our responsibility (and desire) to pass on as much information as possible to avoid misunderstandings (like differing commands, etc…) and enable the easiest transition for him and his future owner.

This is where the blessing of CWVRG came to be for us. In looking at our options, we came to realize that once you give your dog to another, whether to a Shelter, by selling or giving him to someone else, you no longer have assurance of his future treatment or outcome. We cared too much for our dog to leave it to chance (a shelter and selling him were non-options for us … he was family). But, we did not have the knowledge, connections or oversight to appropriately re-home him on our own. We discovered that CWVRG did and do!

At first, we did not even think of a Rescue Group as an option since the groups primary efforts are to rescue Vizslas that have been abandoned or abused and give them another chance with a new family that can appreciate and love them for the great dogs they are. We almost missed this opportunity because we felt our dog did not meet the definition of what a rescue dog was and did not want to take away possible resources from other dogs in need. But as we continued to look at our options and spoke with CWVRG, we came to discover CWVRG was a perfect fit for our dog to transition to a new hopefully forever home.

CWVRG takes great pride in matching Vizslas with the appropriate home based on their personality, behavior, nature, health, training, age, history (if known), etc.... Not only does CWVRG get to know the Vizsla before the re-homing, they also vet the new home for compatibility, give them post-adoption support and ensure the dog is returned to CWVRG (no one else) if there are issues. In fact, our going with CWVRG (with the safeguards they have in place) ensures our dog will have the best chance for a great life and so will the new owner. Our dog was lucky for his first 2 ½ years and now is lucky for his remaining years.

Thank you CWVRG!