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Thank you for your interest in our red canine companions.   

Lucy is a very sweet girl and lap dog on the smaller size (~37.4 pounds).  We think she is about 4 years-old. She is a lover and follows her foster parents everywhere.  Lucy is one of those " in your face every chance she can get" dogs. Lucy has an inner desire to be an interior decorator with her favorite meduim, toilet paper streamers.

Lucy is an early riser and crazy full of energy when she wakes up. She knows sit, stay, and wait, but has no idea about what off means. She loves to fetch tennis balls and is obsessed with squirrels and rabbits. When she sees a rabbit or squirrel on a walk she screams like she has been hit by a car (so embarrassing). She really, really loves to shred stuffed animals. She doesn't like her foster brother Ruger to take her toys, but she likes to take his toys.Come onn Miss Lucy, don't you know that sharing is good? :-)

Lucy doesn't like big dogs that bark at her, but she doesn't mind when Ruger barks at her while playing. She gets along with small dogs that are well behaved. She won't do well with another dog that is protective or jealous. Lucy does well in a crate while her foster parents are at work as long as she is in her crate and calming down about 30 minutes prior to their departure. She he needs a lot of excercise so if you want a jogging companion, Lucy is your girl! That said, she does like to pull on her leash so a little focused leash work will do her and your arm a world of good. We believe that she will do welll with older children, but not toddlers because she is too rambunctious and doesn't pay attention to where she is jumping.


Thelma is a dream—We will be sad to see her go—she will take a piece of our hearts! Thelma's foster Mom says the following:

Thelma is:
V- Velcro. She will love on her forever home like no other. She prefers to be in your lap as opposed to your feet or side—we are working on that. She is currently curled up on a ball near me on the floor as I type this—progress.

I-Interested. She will follow you from room to room—does not want to miss out on anything.

Z-Zany like any young V but in a great way. She has a lot of life but is calm all the same—hard to describe but maybe having puppies so young she’s calmer than either of our 2 V’s at this age but still super energetic when the time is right.

S-Sassy. She can get a wee bit aggressive when having cuddle time with me when others enter the room—she bares teeth and barks ferociously. This has mainly happened in the evening when we are snuggling or in the afternoon if I have taken a nap and my teen children or husband enter the room. Not sure why this has happened but we just have fixed that issue by not letting her cuddle at night before bed—into her crate she goes when I retire for the night or I do not allow her to come into our room by letting her hang with the other humans when I have gone to bed.

L-love. She loves going for walks and running around. She is perfect off leash on a trail and comes when called (I know right—someone trained her very well). She has not been to a dog park but has encounter a few dogs off leash and does OK. She and Tamsin are buds now but our not so Velcro V had to warm up to her. Never aggressive towards Tamsin.

A-Adorable.  Again, my heart is already hurting thinking she will go to another home. Enough said.

Thelma is a good eater (eats in her crate and will go searching for Tamsin’s food as soon as she inhales hers—probably due to starving in the wild) , loves her crate, sleeps in it at night and if I am going to be gone for long periods of time. She rarely counter surfs—but does like to get into mischief when the opportunity arises. (always joins in the fun with Tamsin our crazy surfer). She does not love all hardwood—she has just begun to master not skidding out all over the place (we have mostly wood floors—thankful they are not new). She is using a doggy door a bit. It only leads to a deck and the door need to be opened (it’s a screen only doggy door). Not a fan of stairs—she has never gone upstairs or down stairs within our house—kind of nice if you ask me but we have a first floor master. She will now do our deck stairs( full flight –this took some mastering), front concrete stairs (fine with those) and garage stairs.

Her ideal home I think would be a single person/couple, family with older kids (that whole protective thing under sassy), or retired… She is fine when left but I do work from home and that suits her so some one that works from home might be great.

AvaDear Sweet Ava


Hello Everyone!
My name is Ava and I'm six-years-old. My mother was a Vizsla but my father was an opportunist from a good neighborhood. Mom never told me who he was. I am a very sweet girl, although I tend to be very fearful and have some pretty extreme trust issues. CWVRG considers me a "special needs" girl. I came from a really sweet, wonderful family who did not do anything to cause my fear and trust issues, so please don't blame them! They loved me so much but just couldn't take care of me once a new human baby arrived. They said that they were afraid that with my anxieties and fears that the baby might inadvertently do something to really upset me. Why would I do that, I've never been known to bite!

While my last family loved me dearly, I'm not prepared to talk about the ones who had me before them, but it was really, really, bad. Because of this, one of my problems is that I have a severe crate anxiety. My foster Mom and Dad have worked hard with me. I can now be crated up to four hours while they are gone. That is huge!!!!! That doesn't mean that I can be crated while they are home, I want to be with my Mommy and Daddy. If you want to jail me while you are home, you had better be prepared to shower me with lots and lots of chew treats or you will hear from me!

Thank you, Ava
Photo above right: Ava, with her super cute, quirky ears, signalling "There's something right there! Do you see it!" She can hunt for things in your yard too!

Notes from Ava's foster Mom:
We think she's a Vizsla Greyhound mix. She has the most beautiful brown coat and she runs so very fast it's amazing. She loves to run and jump. She can jump about seven feet straight up from standing. Most incredible straight up jump I have ever seen.

Ava is on an anti-anxiety medication.  Ava's ideal family will be extremely patient and not have kids as her family will need to be somewhat dog savvy and be able to read her body language. She tells you through her body language how she is feeling. She needs a quiet family that does not require a lap dog or an affectionate dog, at least for quite some time. Ava will take quite awhile to be able to trust her new family, but it does come in time. Once she trusts you, Ava seeks attention on her terms and loves to be scratched under the chin or on the back of her neck. She came from a home with a dog and may be able to go to a home with dogs, but she has not been put with our dogs as she is pretty excitable with them and it makes them nervous. She has not been tested with our cats and I would not put her in a home that has small animals. She loves to try to go after mice in our yard and to dig up moles. Ava is housebroken and can be left alone for short periods outside of a crate without getting into anything. Ava can jump a 6 foot fence like it is not there so she will need to be watched closely in the yard. Ava's recall is selective so it may be safe to keep her on a 20 or 30 foot lead so you can get her back when you need to.

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